Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wax Museum

Earlier this week the 4th graders created a wax museum.  Each student picked a famous person from South Dakota and researched them. They created a poster board that looked like an information board that maybe you would see in a museum.  Then they dressed up to look like their person.  When you would come to their display you would have to "push" a button and they would stand up and recite their speech telling you all about who they were.  Then they would sit back down and wait for the next person to push the button.  It was really fun to see them.  They all did such a good job.

Zane had Wild Bill Hickok.
Since Wild Bill was in love with Calamity Jane they had their displays up next to each other.  Here are the two of them together.
Don't they look thrilled to be having their picture taken together?!  

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