Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Little Princess Turns 6!

Yesterday was Olivia's birthday!  She has  been waiting for it to come since Zeke had his back in January!  She was so excited for the day to finally come.  She was the first one awake and opened presents as soon as everyone else got up.  Her hula hoop wasn't wrapped so she tried that out while she was waiting :)

Now that everyone is up and dressed, let the fun begin!

After we opened presents and had breakfast we did our morning run.  We ended the run at the bakery and I treated everyone to doughnuts for Olivia's birthday.  It was a cool rainy morning so they were excited to get to go in and pick out something yummy! Then I took Olivia to town.  She wanted to use some of her birthday money to put a purple streak in her hair.  Then we got ice cream with her birthday coupon and headed home.  She got to pick what we had for supper so we were all treated to a delicious dinner of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese!  Then we watched a movie together and ended the evening with cake and ice cream.  She wanted a two layer chocolate cake with pink frosting.
We are so thankful for this little princess that finished off our family.  She is a little ball of I don't know what but it makes me happy :)  She is 100% girl with an extremely tough side that no one wants to mess with!  Her smile melts my heart and her snuggles make my day.  She is such a blessing and I can't imagine our family with out her!  I love you Princess Olivia!

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