Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mud, Rocks and Worms

Our big project this summer is to remove all the rocks in our yard.  While at some point I am sure they looked really nice, it is time to get rid of them.  There are so many!  They are around the house, the driveway and most of the trees.  It's not just one layer either.  It is layer upon layer upon layer!  So far we have the front of the house done and one and a half trees. 
The little rocks we just load in a bucket and go dump out in our pile.  The bigger rocks we have to carry one or two at a time.  Thankfully we have some friends who have wanted the bigger ones for their lake home and they have come with a trailer to help haul them off.  Picking rock with ten people goes much faster than when it is just us!  When it is just me it takes forever.  Sometimes the kids get bored enough that they will come help for a short period of time.  Sometimes I don't give them the option and they have to come help me for a while :)  Lucky for them it has rained almost every day so our rock picking time has been very minimal!

One of the perks for them is finding all the worms!  They love digging through the dirt looking for rocks and finding a big fat worm instead!
They try to find safe places to move them so they don't get hurt while we are digging for the rocks.  Usually they end up getting side tracked and forget they are looking for rocks and just start looking for worms.  I think this will be the story of our summer - mud, rocks and worms...

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