Thursday, May 30, 2013


Today while mowing I noticed that our yard was filled with one of my most favorite aromas - lilacs.  Our lilacs are starting to bloom.  Lilacs are my favorite for three reasons...

First: They smell wonderful and they look pretty.  I would much prefer a handpicked bouquet of lilacs over a handpicked bouquet of dandelions :)  Although I love the thought and effort put into both!

Second: They provide shade and wind blocks in our yard.  We have a row of lilacs are over by our fire pit.  Once the blooms have come and gone, the bushes or trees (whatever they are) provide nice shade and privacy when we are over in that part of the yard.  The kids like them because when it is dark and we are sitting around the fire, they think they can sneak up on us using the bushes as as a blind. I guess they think we won't notice the rustling leaves and branches or the giggles as they "quietly" move through the yard!

Third:  Memories.  When Michael and I lived in Idaho I had two wonderful friends.  We all had kids the same age.  We all lived clear out in the middle of nowhere but all within a mile or two of each other.  We would get together on a regular basis and let our kids play while we solved the problems of the world or discussed the best brand of diapers to prevent leaking :)  It was so nice, especially during this time of my life, to have such a network of support.  One of them had lilacs in her yard and the smell reminds me of those play dates and conversations.  These two ladies - Katie and Monica - will never know how much they helped me and strengthened me.  I always had some one I could turn to and I knew they would know exactly what I was going through.  They loved me even when I was covered in bodily fluids from the babies and hadn't combed my hair in days.  They loved me even though they knew I was impatient at times with my kids or fed them cereal for all three meals if the day had been particularly difficult.  They would take my kids so I could go to town by myself!  A rare gift when you are a mother of young children.  I haven't seen them for years.  They moved, I moved, then I moved again, and then again, etc...  I still love them and I always will.  Each year when the lilacs bloom, I think of these two wonderful people and I get quite homesick for days gone by and I am overcome with gratitude for the blessings that they were in my life. 

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