Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Awards Ceremony

Today I got to go to the awards ceremony at the elementary school.   It was fun to see all the accomplishments that the school kids made throughout the year.  I was especially proud of my own kids and what they did.  Now I will proceed to brag about them :)

Olivia got an award for meeting her reading goals each month.  She also got a fitness award and a good conduct award.

Zeke got his fitness award and an award for meeting his reading goals throughout the year.  His class didn't get to come up and get their picture taken so I don't have one of him...
Dillon got several awards.  He got the Citizenship award for 3rd grade.  Two 3rd graders were chosen by the teacher.  It is for excellence in the classroom, being a leader, being respectful and being an overall good person.  He also got the fitness award and the good conduct award.  He also got an award for getting 150 AR points.  Those are reading points.  Each book you read, you take a test.  You are given a score according to how many answers were correct.  150 is a big number for a 3rd grader!

Zane got AR awards and his fitness award.  He also got 1st place in the Poppy Poster contest for 4th and 5th graders in Astoria and Hendricks.  It is a poster that all the kids drew for Veterans.  It had to have a poppy flower on it and then some sort of theme about veterans.  They also had to give it a title.  Since he took first his poster will go to the state level competition.
Makenna got her fitness award and good conduct award.  She also got recognized for making it into Honor's Choir.  She also won second in the Poppy Poster contest and second in the essay contest.  She was one of the top three readers in the school she had almost 500 AR points.  She was top in her class.  She got a cup full of prizes and gift certificates.  She also got the Academic Excellence award for 5th grade along with another girl.

Maddi got a few more awards today too.  She got 3rd place in the Poppy Poster contest, 3rd place in the essay contest and 2nd place in the poetry contest.  She also was in the top three readers of the school coming in 2nd with almost 700 AR points.  She got a basket full of goodies and gift certificates. 

All of the kids have grown so much during this school year - not just academically.  Dillon was baptized on his 8th birthday.  Maddi joined the older youth group at church when she turned 12.  Maddi and Makenna have both taken piano lessons this year.  Zane has taken an interest in shooting his bow.  Dillon and Zeke also gave piano a try and did really well with it.  They have all tried new sports.  Maddi played volleyball even though it was not her favorite sport.  Makenna did volleyball and basketball for the first time.  Zane and Dillon did football and basketball for the first time as an organized sport.  Zeke has become an excellent helper at home and even got brave enough to have his own bedroom in the basement and he doesn't even need a nightlight :)  Olivia has come out of her shell and learned to make friends and not be so shy.  They are all learning and growing so much.  It is so fun to see them change and grow.  They are growing into such beautiful (and handsome) people - inside and out!  I love them all so much and I am so proud of them all!


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