Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zane Turns 10!

Last week we celebrated Zane's 10th birthday.  He was so excited for it to come.  I  must say, I felt bad.  We had a huge winter storm come through that week.  It started Tuesday and went through Thursday night.  School was called off and we were all stuck at home for two and a half days.  Friday the kids finally went back to school and I went to the store to get groceries and a few final things for Zane's birthday.  At the store I realized I had forgotten about treats to send to school with him.  I quickly bought some cupcakes to drop off on my way home.  I also forgot to ask him what kind of cake he wanted and what he wanted for his birthday supper.  I just guessed and hoped he wouldn't be dissappointed.  Saturday was his birthday.  Michael had to work in the morning and I had to take Maddi to a youth activity in the afternoon.  I felt like he was kind of pushed off to the side because of all the crazy things that went on that week!

It did all come together though.  Michael got the supper made while I was with Maddi.  Makenna made the cake and I decorated it when I got home. (I had to stop and buy ice cream on the way home because I forgot that too.)  He opened presents through out the day - some with me and some with Michael. 

He liked his supper and he wasn't dissappointed with the cake choice. 

We tried to make up for it by letting him have a friend over after school this week.  The weather even cooperated a little yesterday and he was able to take his new bow out (a week after he got it) and do some target shooting.

We are so thankful for Zane.  He adds so much to our family.  It has been fun to watch him grow and change.  This has been a hard year for him.  He seems to be a little lost, trying to find out where he fits in and exactly who he is and what he wants to do.  He keeps a good attitude though and looks for the fun in things.  He tried all the sports this year and has found a new interest in the bow.  He also joined the newspaper crew at school and seems to enjoy being involved in that.  He loves to learn new things - unless it involves math and he loves to be outside running free! We love Zane very much and can't imagine life without him!

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