Monday, April 8, 2013

Lion King

After months of waiting the big weekend finally arrived!  The girls and I packed our bags and headed out of town.  We grabbed a couple of friends along the way, loaded up with snacks, games and music and away we went!  We were headed to Omaha to watch the Lion King.  It was a Christmas present from Michael's mom and we were all excited that the day had finally arrived.  We invited the Olsen girls to come along with us and Michael's mom was also flying in for the special occasion.  Friday night it was just me, my girls and the oldest Olsen girls.  We got to the hotel after a little bit of confused driving in downtown Omaha.  Luckily I had several pairs of eyes looking for the hotel and we eventually found it, figured out how to park and successfully checked in and got all our luggage up to our room.  The first thing on the list was swimming.  We changed into our suits and off we went.

We swam for a while and then took a break to eat pizza and check out the fitness room :)  After we had digested we headed back to the pool and swam some more.

Then it was back up to the room for a little TV time, lots of giggling and some pretty good storytelling :)  We finally settled down around midnight but were back up and going by 7:15 Saturday morning.  After breakfast we headed back to the pool (that was the favorite place) and swam until lunchtime.  Then we got dressed for the day and headed to the mall while we waited for Pam, Ellie and Joyce to arrive.
When they got there we got all ready and headed to the Old World Market to check out the shops and restaurants before the play started.  It was a beautiful evening and everyone was so excited for the play to start.


The big moment finally arrived and we headed to the Theater.  It was beautiful inside and the play was amazing! It lasted almost three hours but it didn't seem like it.  Olivia made it through 3/4ths of it before she dozed off.  The rest of us lasted through the whole thing.


We got back to the hotel around 11pm and got ready to go swim (again) but the pool had been taken over by a big, mostly drunk frat party.  We ended up in the lobby eating popcorn and drinking pop.  Then we went back to our rooms and watched TV and played for a while.  We were in bed with lights out by 1am.  Sunday morning it was up and to the pool one last time before checking out.

After we left the hotel we went to the zoo for a few hours and had lunch.  The kids enjoyed the train ride around the zoo. 

They also had fun seeing the gorillas and the new lion cubs.  It was 70 degrees when we left Omaha and headed home.  By the time we got back to Hendricks it was rainy and 40.  Welcome home :) 
It was a great weekend and the kids had so much fun being together and hanging out.  From the sounds of things, Michael and the boys had fun too.  They went to the rodeo and the boys helped Michael at the feedlot.  Two of the boys ended up falling in the nasty mess out there but it didn't slow them down.  They got to stay up late and watch movies and sleep out in the living room. 
This morning was tough getting up and moving for everyone!  Just a sign that we all had a good time!

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Spemberly Cantrell said...

I'm glad you guys had fun!!