Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lake Front Property

When we bought this little house on the east edge of town last summer we didn't realize what a deal we were getting!  We have a really big yard and it connects to a big grassy field.  The field is big enough to have a football field and a soccer field on it.  On the other side of the field is a grove of trees.  The kids love having all this space to play in.  We are also the only house on a dead end street so the kids play in the street too with no worries of traffic coming by.  Hendricks also has a beautiful lake on the west side of town.  Beautiful houses line the lake and they all get a beautiful view of the lake and access to it.  Of course, it costs to live there.  I would personally want more house and yard and less lake if I were spending that kind of money.  That's just my personal opinion though because of the size of my family and the need for outside room that my children have.  Anyways, we found this nice little house with a great big yard and got a really good deal on it.  The price was right, the location was right and so here we are.  What we didn't know though was that this too, was a lake front property!  This spring (if you can call it that) as the snow began to melt (only three days ago) we discovered that our yard borders a lake. The kids spend all their free time playing in the lake, splashing, running, wading and they get it pretty much all to themselves!  It doesn't get any better than that does it?  Here are a few pictures of the kids in the "lake."  And, in case you were wondering, yes the lake still had ice and snow and slush in it.  It didn't deter them though, in fact it lured them closer and made them stay and play even longer :)

The snow has melted now and the lake has grown even bigger.  The kids leave for school in the morning and can't wait to get back home to go play in it.  Their fear is that it will be all dried up before they get home :)  Our garage and front steps are lined with drying socks, shoes and mud boots and our laundry is filled with wet clothes from their adventures in the lake.  Each night they have to cover their legs in lotion because they are chapped from playing in the icy water.  But each day they go back wanting more.  Eventually it will dry up and then we will have the biggest mud pit around! The kids, unfortunately, will like that even more!  I guess (if you look at it through the kids' eyes) there was some good that came out of all the snow we had late in the season this year (besides the obvious moisture for the farmers)!

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