Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Elvis Lives!!

I watched him in concert just last night! I even have pictures to prove it!  All these years people thought Elvis was dead.  I knew he wasn't, but I was confused as to who he was.  See, my younger brother Stephen was born on the day Elvis supposedly died.  I assumed that Stephen was Elvis.  He didn't have the same moves as the Elvis everyone knew, but I thought that was just part of his disguise :)  Last night though, I learned differently. 

I was at the Elementary school concert watching my six beautiful children perform when all of a sudden the announcer said that we had a special guest.  The King was going to perform for us! Then, dressed in jumpsuit and cape, Elvis comes running out on stage!

Of course there were cheers and clapping.  Who wouldn't cheer and clap for the King?!  Then he started singing with the elementary kids as back up.

He was a little shorter than I would have thought and a little more girly than it showed him on TV but there was no denying, the King was in the building!

Then I realized that the King looked an awful lot like Maddi :)  Who knew that all these years I was raising Elvis! 

The theme of the concert was Rock and Roll.  They took us through the history of Rock and Roll starting with the cave men.  It was fiun to watch.  The 6th graders got to do the acting and solos while the other grades sang and danced.  Maddi also got to be a nerd during the hippie stage and got to sing a solo.

All the kids did a great job and it was fun to watch.  And if anyone wants Elvis' autograph, I am selling them for $50 each.  If you want an autographed picture, it will be $100 ;)

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Spemberly Cantrell said...

I thought that looked a little like Maddi. ;)