Monday, April 22, 2013

April Showers

This winter has seemed to drag on forever!  We had so much snow.  It seemed like there was a new storm every week and every storm left 6 or more inches on the ground for us to shovel away.  The end of March came and things started melting a little.  By the first weekend in April the snow in our yard had finally all melted off.  Spring was on it's way! Then the storms started coming again.

April 9th brought snow and an early dissmissal followed by 2 more snow days and over a foot of snow.

We had a break for a couple of days and then on the 14th we were snowed/iced in again.  There was freezing rain and blowing snow.  I couldn't get out of my driveway until Monday evening after the ice had softened and I could finally shovel through it.
Thursday brought another storm with at least 6 inches of snow and another early out along with more shovelling.

Today, more of the same.  It is still snowing while I type!  The kids had yet another early out and we have 6 more inches of snow coming today.  This is what it looks like out my front door right now.

Nice, huh?  Now I realize we need moisture and all that stuff but I wish it would come in the form of 60 degree rain instead of 30 degree snow :)  Warmer weather is promised by the weekend.  I am keeping my fingers corssed!!

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