Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work and Then Play

Last Friday Michael's boss gave him a $100 handshake with instructions to take me out to dinner.  Instead we decided to let the kids earn a fun night out.  We took them to the feedlot Saturday morning and let htem help out with some chores.  Maddi and Makenna helped  me scrub down the walls in the office so they could be painted.  They were quite nasty but we worked hard and got them done.

The boys and Olivia went out to the shop and stomped pop cans.  I think they got the best end of the deal :)
Olivia the photo bomber :)

After chores were done at the feedlot we went home, cleaned up, did our house chores and headed to town.  We took the kids to Buffalo Wild Wings for supper.  They all seemed to enjoy that.  Then, with our gift certificate we got for Christmas, we went to the movie.  We went to see The Croods.  The kids loved it!  They also loved getting their own popcorn, pop and candy.  It was so fun to be able to take them out for such a treat after working together all morning.  They have been talking about it all week.  It was nice to see them pull together to get the work done and then have fun together after it was finished.


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