Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Day With My Youngest Princess

Earlier this week I got to spend the day with Princess Olivia.  Over the weekend she had seemed quite frustrated with life.  She was grumpy and spent a lot of time picking at the other kids and fighting.  Tuesday morning when Michael got up for work she came and climbed in bed with me to snuggle.  She begged and begged to stay with me for the day.  I could tell that she needed some one on one time and maybe a little break from every day life.  I texted Michael to see what he thought of me letting her stay with me for the day.  He said it was fine. 

The other kids had a late start so we dropped them off at school, took a treat to Michael and the two of us headed to Watertown for a day of shopping and fun!  We were on a mission to find the perfect Hello Kitty swimsuit for our upcoming trip to Omaha.  We started at Target.  No luck there but we did fid some Hello Kitty lipgloss in the $1 bin.  A good start to the day.  After that we headed to Shopko.  No luck there either.  There just happened to be a McDonalds near Shopko so we took a lunch break.  She even ended up getting a free hot fudge sundae because she was so cute!  After lunch we headed to the mall.  Still no Hello Kitty swimsuit but we found some great sunglasses and a cool Hello Kitty pen with 8 different colors of ink. 

After the mall we went to Menards to get some stuff for the bathroom and then ended our shopping day at Walmart.  There we hit the jackpot!  Not only did we find the perfect Hello Kitty swimsuit, but we also found Hello Kitty pajamas!  She was one happy girl.  She bought them with her own money and couldn't wait to get home and try things on!

That night she sat with me on the couch snuggling and telling me over and over how much she loved me.  I could see the change in her and was so glad that we were able to take a break from life  and spend the day together.  I think sometimes we all need that!  The rest of the week she has been a different person then the little girl I dealt with over weekend.  It's amazing what a little special attention can do for a person!

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