Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas Fun

Yesterday it was a little warmer than it was on Christmas day so the kids ventured out with their new prizes and tried them out.  Zane went around shooting things with his new Exploderz gun.  He and Dillon tried out their new scooters...

They were even nice enough to let the other kids try too.  Zeke only fell off twice.  Luckily he was wearing all his snow clothes  and the roads were snow palcked so it didn't hurt :)
Zeke tried out his new Shark Spinner.  It's a knee board.  It didn't work too well on the snow packed roads with him bundled up in all his snow stuff.  We'll have to find an indoor palce for him to try it out.

Maddi and Makenna have spent the last few days on their new kindle fires.  They love them!  They have downloaded facebook, text now, games, music and books.  They got haedphones and cases for them too.  I am hoping that they get lots of good use out of them.  They are excited to take a trip with them this summer and put those car chargers to good use!
Olivia has been enjoying her new kitchen and was especially excited when she got to have a friend over today to play with her.  They have put on make up, dressed up, had their hair and nails done all while listening to princess music :)  Now they are settling down to watch a movie and have some popcorn.
Last night we took the kids to Pizza Hut to use their Bookit coupons and then they went shopping with their Christmas money and gift cards.  The boys got DS games, Olivia got make up in a nice red fake leather case and Kenna bought a few things and Maddi is saving her money to get an electric razor scooter like the boys.
This morning I awoke to a make over :)  Olivia jumped in my bed and gave me a make over with her new make up!  I would post a picture but that kind of beauty can not accurately be caught on film :)  Then I got to give her a make over. I got pink blush, pink lipstick and pink eye shadow with black eyeliner.  She got pink blush, black eyeliner with purple eye shadow and silver accent, pink blush and a shiny purple lip gloss. Sounds beautiful doesn't it?
So the fun continues for a few more days until it's back to school and routine!  We still have a few days though for more movies, make overs, and game time!


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