Monday, November 12, 2012


For me, November is a month of reflection.  A time to look back and see all the many blessings that I have.  I think it is that way for a lot of people.  We take time to count our blessings and give thanks for them.  It's something that I try to do year round, but because of the season I focus on it even more.  I have so many things that I am thankful for - a wonderful husband, six beautiful children - each with their own personalities and abilities, a home, a job, food, clothing, friends, the gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ.  There are so many more things - too many to mention.  Each day though, I am blessed.  Each day I can feel God's love for me and His hand in my life. 

In the scriptures it says, "every day [we] should give thank to the Lord [our] God."  I believe with all my heart and soul that the blessings I have in my life come from God.  He loves me and He wants me to be happy.  He looks out for me and gives me the things that I need.  Sometimes those blessings come wrapped up in trials, sometimes they come through friends, sometimes they come from quiet moments spent in prayer and pondering.  However they come though, I know from Whom they come and I am grateful for His love. 

A few years back when all my kids were little, I was having a very overwhelming day.  The kids were all needy, the house was a mess, I was tired and there was no end in sight.  I sat down to take a break and try to gather myself together and these are the thoughts that came to my mind:

With pen in hand I humbly write about all my blessings that may seem out of sight.
They get pushed to the side by day to day things like diapers and errands and quarrellings.
I have so many gifts on which to reflect, blessings that come when I least expect.
Sometimes distracted by the tasks on hand, I forget about the blessings behind the demands.
I do not like laundry, to wash and to fold, but I am grateful that we all can be clothed.
The dishes keep piling, I don't always keep up but I know if they are dirty then we are filled up.
My cupboards are few and I have to stack things around, but I am grateful they are full and there is food to be found.
Dusting is a job that never seems done, but I am grateful for the furniture that the dust lands on.
Making the beds is not a fun chore, but I am grateful that we do not sleep on the floor.
Our house needs work out here on the farm, but I am grateful to have something to keep us warm.
My children have needs, sometimes almost more than I can bear, but I am ever so graetful for the love that we share.
Our vehicle gets smaller as we all cram in there, but I am grateful we have it to take us everywhere.
The bills pile up - telephone, gas and utilities, but I am grateful to have such luxuries.
Through the child bearing years my body has changed from young to not and from firm to mush, but I am grateful for the strength it posssesses and for it's ability to continue to push.
The list goes on - the blessings camouflaged by the tasks. Our Father has so much to give us if we will just ask.
I'll never be a rock star, but I love to sing. I'll never be a concert pianist, but I can have the joy that playing brings.
I won't discover new cures or lands, but I can teach  my children to discover with their hands.
I'll  never be a gourmet cook and have a T.V. show, but I can feed my family and help them grow.
My children won't have all that they adore, but I can give them so much more.
I can teach them to see all that blesses us and help them to look beyond the task.
I am grateful for my Savior and His Atonement. Iam grateful for His act of love which for me was meant.
I am grateful for the everyday tasks because behind them are blessings far more than I could ask.
I still feel this way some days, overwhelmed with all that lies before me, frustrated with all I have to do.  My children are older now, I don't have diapers to change and they can help with the every day tasks more, but it still gets busy and I still get caught up in the everyday things and forget to look beyond that.  When that happens, these word start to run through  my mind and I know to step back and be thankful.  My children are healthy, my husband has a job, we have a nice home to live in, we have our needs met and some of our wants satisfied, we have each other.  I am so thankful for those quiet moments that allow me to step back and see all that I have.  I am thankful for a Father in Heaven who continues to bless me and my family.  I am thankful for a season in which we stop to give thanks followed by a season in which we celebrate the most important gift of all, which is the gift of Jesus Christ.  

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