Monday, August 20, 2012

Picture Update

I finally downloaded pictures to my computer!  Now I get to post all the fun we have had this summer.

We started out with baseball in Green River.

We enjoyed a lot of time outdoors playing in the yard.  Olivia loved playing frisbee with who ever would play with her.

They  also loved playing in our big red ball

For the 4th of July we went to our friends' house, the Feslers, and spent the eveing with them. 

The kids loved the sparklers and fire works at the end!
Once in Hendricks we played more baseball and softball

The girls were in the talent show with some of their friends over the 4th of July weekend.  They did a dance/gymnastics routine and won!

The four oldest kids joined the Buffalo Ridge Youth Chorale.  They put on a performance after a week of practicing and will do another one in October sometime.

We bought a house at the end of July.  This is a view from the edge of our side yard.  It is a great yard with lots of shade and a fire pit.  The house is very nice too and we have really enjoyed our time in it so far.

The two older boys started football last week. They are so excited to get to play.  Dillon is #12.

Zane is #7

We have also been in parades, gone to the horse races and Mall of America.  We have ridden horses with friends, rendered lard, had sleepovers and lots of camp fires.  It has been a fun but busy summer.  School starts tomorrow and the kids are all excited to get back to school.  It will be a new school this year so they will be meeting new friends and teachers.  It is exciting to watch them grow and learn.  It will be my first year with all my kids in school so I will be growing and learning too - just in a different way :)


Spencer and Kimberly said...

You guys sure have stayed busy all summer! I'm jealous of your AWESOME yard! Hopefully we can come play in it one of these days!

Emma said...

we would love it if you did!!