Monday, July 30, 2012

The Big Day!

Tomorrow is the big day!!  We will sign on our house here in Hendricks and start moving in.  I am so excited.  We will also be getting our new furniture delivered tomorrow.  Saturday Michael and I went to Brookings to do some shopping.  We got a new mattress for us (it's been 11 years since we last bought one) and a new bedroom set (my first one ever!!).  We also got three dressers for the kids.  Some of our furniture got broken in the move so we were short dressers.  Maddi and Olivia had one.  Makenna gets my old dresser (it's only a year old and really nice) and the three boys get new ones.  I am excited to sleep on our new mattress.  Hopefully that will help both of us feel a little more rested when we wake up in the mornings.  Anyways, lots of excitement and lots to do this week to get everything moved, cleaned and unpacked!  One more exciting thing - for the first time in almost two months we will be able to eat inside at the table!  Haven't done that since we moved :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Yay!! Again!!

Today we got the appraisal back for the house we are going to buy next week.  It came in about $6000 under the asking price.  The seller agreed to go with the appraisal value (we wouldn't have gone through with it if he hadn't) and soo we get the hosue for $6000 less than what we originally agreed!  I am so relieved that he agreed to that.  The rela estate agent didn't think he would.  I'm not sure what we would have done if we had to start all over looking for a house.  We are so ready to move and settle in.  I think I would have lost it if it had all fallen through!  Plus, we got more for our house than we originally thought too.  We are ending up over $7000 ahead of what we thought between the two houses.  We are going to pay off our car, do some remodelling in the new house and have some in the savings.  Blessings more than we anticipated!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Finally , after a month and a half of chaos and uncertainty our house in Wyoming has closed!!  I can not tell you how excited and relieved I am!  It has been such a mess to get all done but it finally happened.  Just in time too.  We are going to close on a house here on Tuesday.  We are very excited for that too.  After being in this small two bedroom house, we are all craving space!  The kids are so excited to be able to unpack their toys and things and to have their own spaces.  I am excited to be able to unpack too and get things in order!  School starts in about 4 weeks so it will be nice to have some organization before that starts.  Anyways, we went out and got some ice cream and toppings and when Michael gets home from work we will have a little celebration!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still Here...Still Waiting

Here's a little update of our summer so far.  I have been taking some pictures as we have gone along, I just haven't downloaded them yet.  I promis - it will come... Anyways, we have been very busy.  The last two weeks have involved swimming lessons every morning.  That comes to an end tomorrow.  We are also still doing baseball and softball.  Maddi's team played in a tournament last Saturday.  They played five games and won all five walking away Champions!!  Go Grizzlies!  The girls are still doing basketball three days a week.  All the kids are still doing gymnastics once a week and the four oldest do their conditioning class twice a week.  We go all different directions!  The days have been extremely hot and busy.  The kids seem to enjoy it though.  We got to go last weekend to see a draft horse show.  Dillon loves seeing the big draft horses.  Michael has trimmed a few horses for a few people since we've been here.  He's even ridden once or twice.  Maddi and I are running in the mornings.  She is wanting to run cross country this year and I get to help coach it.  I figured if we were both going to be involved we had both better be able to cover the distance!  Zane signed up for football today.  He is excited.  Maddi signed up too - not sure she will get to play.  She wants to do cross country more than football and since they are at the same time she is going to have to choose. 

The house situation is the same.  We are still waiting on stupid Wells Fargo to get their act together and allow the closing to take place.  It has been moved back again to sometime before the 30th of this month.  It had better go through this time because we are supposed to close on our house here on the 31st.  I am SO ready to be able to get into our own place, unpack and have a little more space.  This little two bedroom house is driving me crazy!  Enough is enough and I have had enough!

We are really enjoying being back in Hendricks.  We love this place and the people here.  We love having Michael home too.  The kids love being with him and having him there to watch them do their things.  I enjoy his help and his company.  A few times a week we go on walks and enjoy quiet time together.  I like that too. 

Hopefully next post I will have pictures downloaded and ready to post.  Hopefully next time I will have some more details of our houses too - good details :)