Saturday, June 30, 2012


Wow! I can't believe it has already been a month since I last posted!  Time ahs gone by so quickly and we have been so busy.  I will try to catch up briefly...School ended - all the kids get to move on to the next grade :)  Baseball and softball ended - sort of... We moved and are in transition mode.  The move went fine.  It was busy, furniture got broken in the move, the drive was long but luckily uneventful.  We couldn't find a hotel that first night until about 3 am.  The College National Finals Rodeo was in Casper so all the hotels were full.  We finally found a vacancy in Hot Springs, SD.  we slept a few hours and then headed back out again.  We got to Hendricks the evening of the 7th of June.  We unloaded just enough that night to get to the beds and dressers.  Then we finished unloading the next day. 

We were greeted by several old friends and had some help getting the truck unloaded.  It was nice to be back.  The house we are staying in is just a little 2 bedroom house.  We are nice and cozy :)  Most of our things (95%) are still packed sitting in the garage and basement.  Our house hunting started the very next day after we got here.  We looked at several places in several different towns.  We finally found a place that we liked here in Hendricks an put an offer on it today.  It was accepted and we are hoping to be in it by the end of July.  The kids are excited to have a house in Hendricks so they can go to school with their friends.  I enjoy living in town and walking everywhere.  We will be just a few blocks from school so the kids can ride their bikes everyday. 

The kids are back in baseball and softball.  Maddi plays on the 12 and under team.  Makenna plays on the 10 and under team.  Both are fastpitch softball.  Zane and Dillon are on the baseball team and Zeke and Olivia are in tee ball.  Everyone seems to be enjoying it.  Both of the girls' teams are undefeated.  The four oldest also just finished basketball camp and they are doing a conditioning class two days a week where they run and do strengthening exercises.  I think I should be doing it with them!  They all have been doing gymnastics once a week too.  We have been swimming at Hendricks Lake and Fish Lake.  The kids love going to the lake.  Bike rides are a daily occurance, multiple times a day.  Maddi and I have started running in the mornings.  She (and maybe Makenna) will be in cross country in the fall.  The kids also did Bible School with their friends.  It was cute listening to all the songs and they had fun being with their friends all day.  Next week will be filled with four days worth of 4th of July activities - lunches in the park, movies in the park, a fun run, games, a parade, eating contests, a talent show and all sorts of other things.

We have really enjoyed being with Michael again.  It is so nice to have him home in the evenings and on the weekends.  He is coaching the boys' baseball team and enjoying that.  The first day he went to work Olivia woke up after he had left.  She just started bawling when she found out he had left and she didn't get to say good bye.  She was so excited when he came home that evening!  If nothing else, that alone has made all this worth it! 

I have been making bread again.  There is nothing better than homemade bread!  We have already been to McCrossans to see friends and horses there.  Dillon drove one of the teams and took us all on a wagon ride.  That boy loves to drive those horses!  We got to met them in Canby and ride in the wagon for the parade.  That was a lot of fun!

Anyways, I think that pretty much catches everything up!  We are still busy as ever but having a good time.  I am looking forward to getting this house bought and get moved in so we can really settle down and get organized.  I have taken some pictures along the way and will try to get some posted.  Our laptop broke again so we just got it back so I can download things again.  Hopefully next post will have pictures to go along with the story!