Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So Blessed

It seems, over the last twlevish years, that Michael and I have gone against the flow many times. There have been so many instances when we have felt prompted or lead to do things or move places in the face of a lot opposition. Some of that opposition has come from family and close friends. It has been hard to follow our hearts and stick to the feelings we had because of all the things that were being said to and about us. Yet, in every instance, Heavenly Father has not left us alone. He has provided peace, comfort and strength when needed. He has helped Michael and I pull together instead of apart. He has helped us see eye to eye and feel the same promptings. He has provided blessings and opportunities to help us achieve what we needed. This time has been no different. Our decision to move was not accepted with great joy from some. But during it all we pulled together and stuck to the feelings of our hearts. It was hard, but I couldn't go back on the promptings I had and neither could Michael. There was uncertainty in it all. We had a house to sell that we had only owned for 6 months. We had to find a place to live in a small community that didn't have much in the way of empty houses. Tonight it has all come together. After only a day and a half on the market, we got two offers on our house - both above asking price. I also got a text from a friend stating that they think they have found a place for us to move in to for a very reasonable price. We will also have money for a down payment if we want to buy a house. The Lord's hand is in this. I am overwhelmed at His love and concern for me and my family. He knows our needs. He knows our hearts and will help us in our righteous endevours. I am so thankful. My heart is overflowing from His tender mercies. I am a little nobody according to the standards of the world. But I am important enough to my Heavenly Father that He will hear my prayers and answer them - sometimes more fully then I could have ever imagined!

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