Friday, May 11, 2012

The Days Are Going Quickly

We are now almost done with the second week of May.  What was once lots of time to get everything done has now turned into 4 weeks before we head out.  The house inspection has been done.  There were no major issues thank goodness!  There may be a few minor repairs the buyer wants done but we haven't heard for sure yet.  The appraisal will be next week.  Once that's done everything can be finalized and signed.  Four weeks seems like a while still but when you add all the extra stuff to the everyday stuff, it goes quickly!  Baseball and softball are in full swing.  Most nights consist of multiple kids at multiple fields either in practice or games.  I usually make it to the end of each game.  Hopefully next week when Michael is home I will be able to watch more of the games and actually see my kids play and not just get there in time for the teams to shake hands and hand out treats!  We are also in the middle of field trip season at school!  The kids love it!  Makenna got an overnight trip to Cody, WY. Today she is on a trip to some ranch somewhere for a hay ride and a hotdog roast and who knows what else.  She has several more to go on yet.  Zane has got three coming up, Dillon has at least two and Zeke has one.  Dance is coming to a close this month too. Olivia has already stopped going. Makenna will have her final show in a few weeks and then she will be done too. Scouts is ongoing of course but only a once a week thing.  The Hershey track meet is also coming up and I have 3 who want to participate this year.  We'll see how it coincides with baseball as to who gets to run! The weather has been beautiful lately so being outside has been a bonus. Olivia and I have been walking her to school and back with trips to the park along the way.  I have still been trying to pack and sort through things a little at a time.  Our storage shed is filling up and our house is slowly emptying out.  I have decided I kind of like it empty!  Not sure I will allow all those other things back in the house after we move!  House hunting in Hendricks is coming along.  There are a couple of leads there.  Hopefully everything will get settled there soon.  Then I will be able to relax and just focus on packing and getting ready to move.  Michael gets to come home Sunday night!  I am so excited!  This will be his last week off before moving week.  He only has one more hitch to go.  We are both very grateful for that. So that's our update.  Hopefully next week I can take pictures of some of our adventures and get them posted!

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