Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a Hitch!

Michael is coming home tonight (actually early tomorrow morning).  It has been a crazy hitch!  When Michael left two weeks ago I was so discouraged and frustrated. We were hoping with the interviews that Michael had gone to that we would have some answers about jobs before he left again.  We didn't.  I was in a really bad mood that day.  Here we were, him leaving again, the kids sad and me left to do it alone.  It wasn't what I was hoping for.  We had been fasting and praying.  We knew that this isn't what we were supposed to keep doing, but the options we were hoping for hadn't come about as of yet.  What's more, one of the jobs Michael had decided he probably wouldn't take even if they offered it to him.  Well, a week went by and nothing.  Our spirits were down.  The next week, I started filling out applications for other places around here.  I figured that I needed to do everything I should and take advantage of all the opportunities out there.  Tuesday things started coming together.  SDSU called and offered him the job. The next day Olsen Custom Farms called and offered him a job (our secret desire all along).  Michael turned down SDSU and accepted with Olsen's on Wednesday.  Thursday our real estate agents came to look at the house and let us know what we needed to do to get it on the market.  Friday I rented a storage unit so we could empty out all our non-essentials into it.  I also started collecting boxes.  This weekend we have started going through the kids rooms and getting rid of a lot and packing the rest, except for a few things.  It has been a whirlwind hitch!  I am so excited for Michael to come home and be a part of it!  He will love to see the kids' excitement and I will love having him be able to help pack and haul things!  Our spirits have been lifted.  What started out as one more hitch in a never ending pattern, turned into a joyful answer to prayers!  We feel so blessed.  Michael only has two more hitches to go.  It will be so much easier to say goodbye knowing that there is an end in sight and in the very near future we will not have to do this anymore!  There is still a lot to do between now and then.  We have to clear out our house, get it sold (cross your fingers for that to happen) and find a place there to live in, but we know it will all work out.

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