Thursday, April 12, 2012

Twins... Sort Of

This week we were able to have cousins over for a few days while their mom and dad went on a mini vacation for their anniversary.  The kids seemed to have a lot of fun together - especially on the days there was no school.  We did a lot of scooter riding, bike riding, car racing, sword fighting, sidewalk drawing, and any other thing you can think of!  When they all went back to school Wednesday, the two little girls were left at home with me.  I had shopping to do so I loaded up the girls and away we went!  We started it off with a lunch date at none other than McDonalds (with an indoor playland)!  Where else would two little girls want to go for lunch?  Then we did our shopping.  When we got to Walmart I told the girls they could help me pick out clothes for their soon-to-be-born cousin, baby Emma.  Well, we got slightly sidetracked :)  These girls are shoppers let me tell you!  They somehow found clothes that were their size and got lost in trying to find skirts, leggings, shirts, dresses, whatever!  It was so fun to watch them!  I ended up letting them each pick out an outfit.  They wanted matching shirts - white with polka dots.  Then Olivia picked out a purple skirt to match the purple polka dots and Kelsey picked out a pink skirt to match the pink polka dots.  Once we got their stuff picked out we refocused and found a couple outfits for the baby too!  When we got home they had to put on their "twin" outifts.  They thought it was so fun to match.  They even switched names with each other!  Today, they insisted on wearing the same clothes again so they could match for one more day.
Aren't they the cutest little twinners ever!?  They did have matching headbands too but didn't keep them in too long!  We didn't want the boys (Kelsey's boys as she called them) to feel bad so I let Kelsey pick out hotwheels cars for her brothers.  Not quite the same but they didn't seem to mind!  New cars just made the car racing all that much more exciting!

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