Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Creations

This weekend, since it was conference weekend, we decided to try out a few new recipes.  The first one we tried was pop tarts.  Some of my kids LOVE pop tarts.  I can't stand them, but I thought it would be fun to try home made ones.  I found a recipe on my new favorite website, Pinterest, and tried them.  I used puff pastry instead of pie dough and they turned out really good!  I would even eat them!

Our second creation was also one I found on Pinterest.  It was orange rolls shaped like Bunnies!  I made this one for me.  Dillon and Olivia helped roll out the dough and make the bunnies.  Makenna was the only one besides me who liked them so I ended up giving half of them away.  

Don't they look cute!  I won't tell you how many I ate :) We tried a few other recipes too and have ingredients to try a few more over spring break this week.  I love trying new recipes and I have found a lot on Pinterest that I love! Baking and cooking are my stress relievers.  It helps me relax and it makes others happy!  I love it!

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