Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Starting to Feel Official

When all this job stuff came about at the beginning of the week it seemed kind of unreal. I wasn't sure how to take it all in. I was excited. I felt like our prayers had been answered. But at the same time, I could hardly believe it was happening! As the week has progressed and we got more details of the job and when we would start, it started feeling a little more real. Today pushed it all the way there! Our real estate agents came over to look at the house. We are using the same ones we bought it from since we know them and they know the house. They checked out what we had done for improvements, asked a few questions, and left me feeling relieved. They are extremely confident that we can sell the house with no problems. They told us we didn't need to do any more work on the house ( big relief). They told us we could for sure sell it for a profit (nice bonus since we've only owned for 6 months). They also told us that we were one of the few houses in this price range so there wouldn't be a lot of competition. Since we can sell it for well below what others are selling theirs for we have a nice advantage. The one thing we have to do though is declutter! Six kids take up a lot of space. We have to pack everything but the essentials and get it out of the house. They would like for us to get it all done next week so they can put it on the market that next Monday. Guess what Michael and I are going to be doing next week? Packing, organizing, throwing things away and hauling stuff off. Then, once it's on the market, we have to be ready at all times to show it. It will be crazy to keep the house show ready all the time, but it will be worth it if we can get it sold before we go to Minnesota. Anyways, now it feels official. Now I know it is really happening!

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