Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Michael Zane Cowboy Christiansen!

Yesterday was Zane's 9th birthday.  It was kind of a bust, but we tried to have a little fun amidst the craziness.  Michael was working so we had a little celebration before he left.  He has been working in an area that doesn't have reception so he was not able to talk to Zane yesterday.  He did get a short phone call in this morning though.  I went and ate lunch with him at school.  I brought Subway for us because I wanted nothing to do with school nachos!!  After school I spent the afternoon getting Olivia and Makenna ready for their dance pictures and then taking them back and forth to the photo shoot.  Then Zane had his first baseball practice and spent two hours there.  I had promised him that we could go out to eat and he picked Applebees.  So we loaded up at 8 last night and headed to Rock Springs for dinner.  He wanted to go to Applebees because they sing to you there and give you cake and ice cream!  First thing he told the waiter when she came to our table was that it was his birthday!  After dinner we ran to Walmart to get ice cream and headed home.  It was 10 before we got home and he got to open his presents.  By that time, everyone was tired and no one wanted cake or ice cream so we went to bed.  This afternoon we finally sang "Happy Birthday" to him and had his cake!  Poor kid! He didn't seem to mind and was a good sport through all of it.  Zane is such a blessing to us and we are so thankful to have him in our family and a part of our lives.  He is 100% boy!  He loves getting dirty, fixing things, playing sports, riding bikes, playing jokes and being loud!  And he's good at all of it :)  Happy Birthday Cowboy!  We love you!

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