Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Photos

It isn't very often that all my kids are clean at the same time!  There is usually at least one that is covered in dirt or peanut butter or both!  To six kids who love to be outside playing, staying clean is not an option.  So I had to take advantage of my short window of cleanliness yesterday morning and take pictures!  Not only were they clean, but they were also wearing nice clothes - a combination that also doesn't happen all that often (at least not with ALL of them).  I even made Michael participate - although if you look at the photos, he is in the same position in all of them - we just moved in and out of the pictures :)

 Michael and the boys
 Michael and the girls
Michael and me
 me and the girls
 me and the boys
all the kiddos!

They clean up pretty good don't they!!

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