Monday, April 9, 2012


This morning our cousins came over to spend a few days with us.  My kids have been so excited for them to come.  They played ALL day long.  This morning when it was cool outside they played inside but by midmorning they were all outside on scooters and bikes all up and down the street.  After lunch I put the two little girls in the stroller and the other kids jumped on their scooters and we headed to the park.  We played on the playground and rode scooters in the skate park.  After an hour or so we headed back home, dropped off the scooters and stroller and walked to McDonalds for ice cream and drinks.  It was a pretty warm day out and I thought it would be a fun treat for the kids.  They played on the playland a little and enjoyed ice cream and soda before heading back home.  In the evening we went to baseball practice (two different ones). The kids who weren't playing baseball played in the parks.  Then it was back home for supper and back out until dark.  We ended the day with brownies and a movie.  After the movie and toothbrushing, we settled down to read scriptures and say prayers.  Olivia was next to me on the couch.  After sitting still for about three seconds this is what she looked like:

Totally crashed! Can you tell she played hard today?! I love days like today though.  Full of busy fun. It's a nice break from the routines, homework, and early bedtimes.  They are already making plans for tomorrow's fun.  At one point our front yard had 13 kids in it (nine of whom were mine).  It is so fun to look out the window and watch them play!  Tonight all their cheeks were pink from the sun (sorry, not one of those that freaks out with sunscreen. I use it, but not regularly).  I love it!  To me it is the look of healthy children enjoying life! Now the house it totally quiet, all nine kids are quiet and sleeping.  I love that too :)

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