Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Got Mail!!

Yesterday , much to our delight, we got a surprise package in the mail.
It was from one of our most favorite families in the world!  The kids were so excited when they saw who it was from.  They especially liked all the stamps on it :)  It was filled with t-shirts, socks, gloves, treats, water bottles (my kids' favorite thing) and letters. It was so fun!  We are all wearing our new shirts today, the kids all took their new water bottles to school and I stole all the snickers out of everyone's treats!  A mom's got to have her survival kit ready - diet Dr. Pepper and chocolate!  It's so nice to know that even though we are miles apart, we are still the best of friends and we are still always on each others minds and in each others hearts!  We love you Olsens!

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Joyce said...

How fun is that!!!!!!