Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Can Throw the Penny Up to Heaven!

Yesterday was my sister Katie's birthday.  Each year I try to do something for mom and dad in memory of her.  This year Olivia helped me.  We picked out a potted flower for them - white petals with pink middles, and made them a card.  Olivia knows about Katie.  We talk about her often and Olivia got her middle name from Katie - Anne.  As we were looking at flowers Olivia was asking me questions about her.  She wanted to know what Katie liked to play with.  I told her she liked buttons and pennies.  Olivia wanted to give Katie one of her pennies.  I reminded her that Katie had died when she was only 2 and that she was in heaven now.  I told her we could just give the penny to granny and tell her it is for Katie.  Olivia decided that wasn't good enough.  She wanted Katie to have the penny! "Maybe we could just throw the penny up to heaven for her!"  It made me smile.  She was so concerned about Katie and sad that katie couldn't be here for her birthday.  I told her that we probably couldn't throw it that far.  Then I suggested we put the penny on Katie's card and then when we say our prayers we can tell Heavenly Father to let Katie know that she had a penny for her.  Olivia liked that idea.  When we got home and made the card the finishing touch was a penny taped on the front of the card from Olivia to Katie!  I love little children and their innocence and pure love for those around them!

Happy Birthday Katie!  Hope you like the penny!

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