Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today Started with This...

This is Olivia's inner thigh.  At some point yesterday she got a bite of some sort and by this morning it was big, red, puffy and starting to streak. I called the clinic, took her in, and now she is on antibiotics to get rid of the infection from the bite.  After I dropped her off at school I came home to do my workout only to discover that the new flatscreen TV/DVD I got Michael for Valentine's Day had a DVD stuck in it and I couldn't get it out.  I took the TV off the wall and started taking it apart.  Half way through I wondered what in the heck I was doing that for (as if I would know what to do once I had it all apart) so I put it back together and hung it back on the wall.  I finally finished working out at 4:45 this afternoon.  Tonight Makenna had dance at 6:30 and Maddi had soccer at the same time.  I rushed the kids out the door and locked it behind me only to realize I had left the keys on the kitchen table.  It was coldish outside, we only had on sweatshirts if that much and I couldn't even turn on the car to keep the kids warm while I figured out how to break into the house.  I finally got the screen pulled off the living room window and managed to slide both windows open enough to stick Dillon through the opening so he could get the door unlocked for me.  My fingers were frozen but we managed to get everywhere on time.  Unfortunately though, we now have another thing to add to our fix-it list.  Tomorrow's a new day right?

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