Friday, March 23, 2012

PTC and Tonsilitis

This morning Olivia woke up and told me that it tasted funny when she swallowed.  Then she told me it hurt when she swallowed.  I felt her neck and her glands were swollen.  I called the doctor and made an appointment, called her school to tell them she wouldn't be there and called Makenna's teacher to tell her that we may or may not be there for PTC.  They did a strep test which came back negative.  She has tonsilitis. Not sure which is worse... She is on antibiotics now and not feeling so well.  I did get done in time to make it to Makenna's conference.  She was the last one I had to do.  All my kids did awesome.  Maddi got straight A's.  Her teacher's only concern is that he is not able to keep her challenged so she gets bored.  Makenna also got straight A's.  Her teacher said she is top in all of her classes.  She rarely gets a wrong answer on worksheets and tests and her standardized test scores are always way above average.  Zane's teacher even had good things to say about him this time (last time it was not so positive).  He got A's and B's which makes me happy since school is by far not his top priority :)  Dillon's teacher is very pleased with him.  He is one of the top students in his class, does well on all his work and scores higher than average on his testing.  He also got all A's.  Zeke is awesome too.  His reading is ahead of the curriculum and he is very good at math.  He is able to do the math problems in is head and is ahead of the curriculum in that too.  Anyways, I felt good after all those positive conferences and I'm glad that they are all doing so well!  After Makenna's conference we went to the library to help take down the book fair.  The librarian gave each of them a free book for helping then we went to McDonalds to celebrate!  They are good kids and I am so blessed to have them!

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