Thursday, March 1, 2012

One A Day

It's been a while since I blogged. Things have been crazy here. When Michael has his week off, I try to spend every waking minute with him. When he's gone, all the responsibilities fall on me. He is gone now. He started his two week shift in North Dakota. That is where he will be working now for quite some time. He flew out Sunday night. I am not excited to say the least. Neither is he or the kids. It is hard to be doing all this by myself. Sometimes the days get so overwhelming. At night I just sink down and turn off because I am so emotionally, mentally and physically spent. Kids take a lot out of me! I have a new and great respect for single parents! At least I know that I have my partner one in every three weeks! While that's not a lot, it's more than a lot of people have. I have decided since I am struggling right now that I need to focus differently. If I don't I will turn into a depressed mess and feed off diet Dr. Pepper and Cadbury Mini Eggs! So, each day, no matter how stressful the day, I will find one positive thing. If I am looking for the positive, maybe the negative will not consume me. Today my positive was my brother Spencer and his wife Kimberly. They must have known I had had a day! Around 7pm this evening I got a text from them inviting me and the kids over to their house to visit and make no bake cookies. One of the hardest things of Michael being gone is having no one to talk to. Even when he does call, the reception is not good from his room and we have a hard time having a conversation. It gets very lonely. Being able to go there and have some one to talk to was just what I needed. No bake cookies are my favorite so that was a delicious added bonus! I am so glad they are here and that I have them for not only family but friends. It was such a good way to end the day!

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