Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun Times

Okay, this will be a fun blog - I promise!  With pictures.  I have been slow with the pictures because my beautiful laptop that I got for Christmas crashed.  It is now in the process of being fixed but is taking forever (had to ship it off).  So I finally downloaded all my pictures to my desktop so I could post them.  Olivia is at a friends this morning so I have some quiet time to post.  Valentine's Day has come and gone.  I posted about our countdown we were doing.  The kids loved that and despite the melted ending, they want to do it again next year!  One of their favorite things we did was make ladybug pretzels.  It was an idea we found on Pinterest, my new favorite website.  I dipped the pretzels and the kids decorated them. Then we all ate them!

I think we ended up making these 3 or 4 times throughout the Valentine season.  Makenna even took some to school for her class party.

We've also had crazy days at school.  I only got pictures on the first day - crazy hair and clothes day.  The kids always love dressing up for school.  One day was crazy sock day. Maddi, who is not in elementary school any more, was feeling left out so she wore crazy socks to her school that day too.

We also got new carpet in the basement so I have been able to start organizing that which I have enjoyed. Pictures will follow when I get them taken. Dillon helped Spencer coach soccer and thought that was fun. we enjoyed getting to watch Braden play. Maddi started playing soccer last week so we will get to go watch more soccer in the coming weeks. Makenna is in the High School play "The King and I". She'll have her performances at the end of the month.  We got to see Braden, my nephew, get baptized and spend the day with him and his family. My sister, Sarah, and her family came up for the weekend so we had even more cousins to play with.  Baseball season is right around the corner.  I got the four little ones signed up for that and Maddi has decided to play softball this year so I signed her up for that.  Zane and Dillon have already gone to their first baseball clinic.  Makenna and Olivia have had several dance shows.  I love watching them do their thing!  They both love it!  We got a new dog named Max.  He is a Golden Retriever.  He's a little crazy right now because he has been ignored for the last three years of his life (his only three years) but he will be a good dog.  His energy makes Olivia and Zeke nervous but when he is settled down they love to pet him.  Zane loves to go in the back yard and play fetch with him and they all enjoy taking both dogs for walks.  I even get to take Max with me when I go out running. 

Anyways, that has been our life for the last little while.  Always crazy busy, don't think that will change :)  

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