Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bathtub Troubles

Last night I told Zeke to go take a shower.  He came out later and said that the water wouldn't go out of the tub.  I went in and tried to drain it and it wouldn't drain.  I tried plunging it and that didn't work. The other kids had to take sponge baths from the sink :) After the kids went to bed I messed with the plug.  It didn't feel broken so I figured we had a clog of some sort.  I tried baking soda and vinegar down the drain - nothing.  Boiling water - nothing.  This morning the water was still standing in it. I had a feeling I should try to take the plug out. I tried to but could only get one screw to come out so I abandoned that and bought draino at the store - nothing.  I bought a little pipe thing that I could stick down the drain to pull the clog out.  I couldn't get it to go down.  I knew then that it was the plug that was broken.  I got a bigger screwdriver (the bigger the better right?) and finally got the other screw out.  It was indeed broken.  I pulled out all the pieces and down went the water!  Yay!  Now the tub is all cleaned and ready for kids to shower.  Hurray for clean kids and clean tubs!
Don't judge me by the stains in my tub - it's old but it's clean.  Judge me by the fact that there is no water standing in it!!

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