Monday, March 19, 2012

A Bag of Rocks and a Visit to the ER

Last night I had to take Zeke to the ER.  The glands on his neck were really swollen and kept getting worse.  The swelling had gone up to his ears, around the back of his neck and the front.  I was worried about breathing issues if the swelling was on the inside too and his neck hurt to move in any direction.  Michael had already left for his flight to North Dakota so I had my brother Jon come over to watch the other kids while I took Zeke.  Zeke loves rocks.  Jon had been looking for Zeke something for his birthday for two months and he finally found some rocks!  When I brought him over last night he gave Zeke a bag of shiny rocks.  Zeke was so excited!
We took the bag with us to the emergency room so he could look at them all while we waited.  They did another strep test on him and found out that it had indeed come back.  They gave him a dose of steroids to help with the swelling and got him on some more antibiotics.  This morning he is doing much better.  He can move his head and neck without it hurting and the swelling has started to go down.  Hopefully this will be the end of it and no one else will get it!

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