Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tears of a Child, Prayers of a Child

I know I promised a not so heavy post next time I blogged.  Sorry, I guess I lied :)  However, this really touched me today and I wanted to share it.  This week Monday meant Michael going back to work for two weeks.  When the kids left for school that morning he told them he probably wouldn't see them until Saturday morning.  This is his shift to work nights so he gets home after they go to school and leaves before they get home.  I noticed as the week progressed, my usually happy Dillon came home not so happy.  He was grumpy and seemed quite upset.  I asked him about it yesterday and all he would say is that nothing was wrong with him.  I tried to pry, but got no further.  This morning Michael got home late so he didn't have to clock in until later.  He was able to be home when the kids got home from school.  As soon as Dillon opened the door I could tell that he was still upset.  I said something to him and got the same repsonse.  Michael picked him up and started teasing him which brought giggles.  When Michael left I had the kids start their reading.  Dillon was again upset.  This time I sat down next to him and talked to him until I found out what was bothering him.  He was upset because Michael was gone.  He has mentioned before that he wishes Daddy didn't have to work at nights so he could be home but I have never seen it bother him so much.  Watching the tears roll down his face was so hard.  He holds such a tender place in my heart.  For those of you that know him, you know how sweet he is yet at the same time he is tough and never lets people see him cry - even if it hurts really bad.  To watch him cry hurt me really bad.  We have talked about this job that Michael has applied for and while the kids don't want to move, they all want Michael to be able to be home more.  They know that this job would allow that.  Anyways, tonight Dillon said the family prayer before bed.  In his prayer he asked Heavenly Father to help Daddy with the job in South Dakota.  To me, the prayer of a child can be just as powerful as the tears of a child.  Dillon's tears tore me to the very core, his prayer warmed me to the core.  Partly because I know of his desire to be with Daddy.  Partly because children pray with such faith.  I can't help but believe that our Heavenly Father is affected in the same way.  I know He feels Dillon's pain and I know He hears his prayers.  I know He is aware of Dillon's faith and I know He will respond accordingly.  I'm not saying that this job is going to be the answer to our situation, but I know He does have an answer and He will bless us according to our faith.  I hope that my tears can be as sincere as Dillon's and that my faith can be as pure.

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