Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

My love day went something like this...get kids to school, go shopping, eat lunch with Michael, pick up Olivia go to four different Valentine parties, eat part of a banan split, the last half of a sucker, a sugar cookie, part of a sundae and some bean dip, come home and clean, go for a walk with Jack and the kids, forget to give a message to one child, melt the frosting, cupcake holders & cake mis when I turned on the oven and forgot they were in there (I had hidden them for our last Valentine Day countdown), forget to take Zane to scouts, clean some more, make supper, have a child ask why I never do the dishes anymore, help Olivia write her numbers, make almond bark pretzels since I melted the kids valentine treat, watch my laptop crash and get ready for bed. Do you feel the love?! There's always tomorrow right? It's really not all that bad. The sun was out, I got a date for lunch and I ate a lot of sugar and there's leftover almond bark pretzels for tomorrow! Happy Love Day to you all!

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