Friday, February 10, 2012

Countdown to Valentine's Day

Ok, I saw this really cute idea on for a countdown to Valentine's Day.

Which they got from the website on the picture.  I was wanting to do something fun for and with the children so I decided to try this.  I made something very simialr to this and hung it in our living room.  Each day I put a little note in the tin for the day and it gives clues of where to find their treausre for the day.  It's just simple little things - a candy, cookie makings, gum - things like that.  I wasn't sure how they would respond to it but they love it!  Each day they can't wait to find out what I have hidden for them.  It adds a little fun to an otherwise ordinary day.  I love to do it beacuse I love to see their faces light up and see their excitement.  It has turned out to be a really fun thing and I am sure we will make it a tradition in our house each year!