Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Solo

For the elementary Christmas concert this year Makenna had the opening solo. Her teacher called me a week or so before the concert and told me to dress her up like a princess and let her shine. We did our best and I thought she looked beautiful.  The day of the concert she was very excited and a little nervous.  I was a little nervous for her too.  She had never done anything like this before and her teacher told me that there would be over a thousand people there.  We got there extra early so we could get a good seat.  The auditorium was packed. The principle came on stage and welcomed everyone and then introduced Makenna.  There were some children on stage in the background dressed up as toys. The lights went down and the spotlight came on Kenna.  She took the micorphone and started singing.
She did an awesome job!  I was so amazed at her!  They turned on a few more lights after she started singing so you could see the toys (children) in the bzckground.  She sang "Take Me Back to Toyland".  At the end ofthe concert all the kids came on satege together and sang the song again.  All the kids did a great job.
 Dillon was part of the train,
 Zeke was a rocking chair,
and Zane just looked good up there singing :)

Maddi also had a concert that week.  She was part of a singing group too.  We dressed her up and curled her hair (she loved that :) haha).  She did a good job too and looked beautiful up there singing.

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