Sunday, November 20, 2011


In September Olivia and Makenna started dance.  Olivia does tap and ballet.  Makenna does a mix of jazz, lyrical and ballet.  They both have really enjoyed it.  Yesterday they had their first show.  It was at the mall in Rock Springs.  They both did a great job and had a fun time.  Olivia's class did two dances - one tap and one ballet and Makenna did one dance.  They loved getting in their costumes, getting their hair done and their make up on.  The little kids were, of course, adorable.  Makenna's group did a really nice job too.  Here are a few pictrures of them in action.

Makenna before the show
 Olivia before the show
 Zane loving the fact that I drug him to the mall to watch a bunch of girls dance
 Olivia doing tap
 Olivia doing ballet

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Melissa said...

How fun!! I tried to get Emma into dance and she hated it :/