Monday, August 1, 2011

Such a Busy Summer...

I kept thinking that I would have more time this summer to do things like walk and blog and sit and go to the park and sit and read books and nap and sit.  Unfortunately, the summer didn't happen the way I had planned.  The only time I sit is when I am in the car.  I haven't blogged or read a blog in over a month.  I haven't read many books (as in only one).  I tried to take a nap one day but the kids were too noisy.  I have gone on a walk or two but I was hoping for more.  So what have we been doing here?  Well, we did baseball, a trip to Denver, family reunion, trips to Idaho, summer camps, more baseball, dentist appointments, 5ks, yard work (not at our house) and now we are actually doing school shopping.  Crazy huh?!  School starts in 4 weeks.  The kids are excited.  I am excited.  Life is crazy.  I am crazy:)  We've made some trips to the park and stops for ice cream along the way.  We've played with cousins and gone off jumps on our scooters.  We've had play dates with friends and chore days at home.  With the help of Uncle Jon, all six kids are now aspiring drummers!  We have three sets of drum sticks and three practice pads spread through the house with the promise of a drum set in the future if they stick with it.  We have also signed papers on a house here in Green River.  We still have to do the inspection and appraisal but it is in the works.  We'll wait and see what happens.  So, as summer winds to a close, my plans for a slow relaxing summer are pushed to another year.  Maybe things will slow down once school starts, or not!

Makenna (5th palce) at the State Hershey Track meet.  She did awesome!

Crazy socks in Denver :)

Crazy kids in Denver :)  We had such a fun time with the Olsens.  They are dear friends who will never be replaced.  We were so glad we could meet up and spend a few days together.  I am hoping it will become a yearly tradition!

4th of July family reunion.  Sparklers with all the cousins before the real fireworks started.  It was a fun weekend with family.  We had 21 kids running around the place.  Maddi was the oldest at 10 years of age.

Warming up after playing in the splash park.  We have been able to spend several afternoons playing in the water.

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AudreyO said...

I bring a book in the car with me so when I have time that I'm just sitting, I read :)