Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Few More Pictures

I finally downloaded more pictures off my camera so I can post more of our summer outings.  Things are beginning to wind down and get ready for school.  I am looking forward to the schedule of the school year.  I will have five in school this year and if we get Olivia into preschool I will have four mornings a week with out any kids!  I love that thought :)  Especially since we are buying a house that will require some work put into it.  A few childless hours will be very beneficial for getting work done.  Anyways, here are the pictures...

The kids did a nature camp this summer through the Teton Science School from Jackson, Wy.  At the end of the week they had a picnic and gave presentations on the things they had learned.  This is Makenna with her group.
This is Maddi's All Star team lined up before one of their games.  She's the one with the pony tail :)

Zeke got a new haircut (yes I gave it to him and yes it's a mohawk).  He loves it and I think it fits him perfectly.  Kindergarten here comes Zeke!

Okie and her baby finally made the trip from South Dakota to Idaho.  We went to see her as soon as Michael had his week off.  The kids loved seeing her baby and riding her again. 

Olivia sitting on the horse trailer, eating a sucker, waiting for her turn to ride Okie.

Dillon being his cute little self!

Michael introduced the kids to swimming in the ditch water.  As you can tell from their quick retreat - the water is cold!  They had fun though and found lots of little snails and cool (not really) rocks.

So there is a little more catch up from our summer.  We have also been swimming with friends at a new pool we discovered, been to the library several times, and even tried a movie in the park.  Unfortunately before the movie started the wind blew the dvd player off the table and broke it so they had to cancel it.  We had fun though picking out treats, playing in the park and being up late.  When we found out it was broken we just went home and watched it.  Not quite as exciting but it was still midnight when we went to bed and the kids thought that was cool!  Now it's on to more school registrations, immunizations, and school supply shopping.

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

Swimming in the ditch looks like a blast! I'm glad you got your horses to Idaho!