Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

Well, the time has finally arrived!  School has started again.  We made our traditional school busses out of twinkies (or swiss rolls for those who didn't like twinkies), read our back to school poems at the request of the kids, talked about the changes that were coming, answered any questions, got a visit from the back pack fairy and sent them off to school.

Maddi is in fifth grade this year.  She is going to a different school from all the other kids.  She gets to ride the bus with some of her friends and seems to really enjoy things.  Her school is just fifth and sixth graders.

Makenna is in fourth grade and is the most excited for school I think.  She loves to learn and she loves to socialize.  She seems to like her teacher and she has already made new friends.

Zane is in third grade and is the least excited.  He is already counting down the days until next summer vacation!  He let his teacher know the first day that he doesn't like school.  He has made a new friend though and will get back in the swing of things as time goes on.

Dillon is in second grade.  He's more quiet than the rest but enjoys playing and learning.  He has some friends from last year in his class again and he is meeting some new friends.  He also lost his tooth the second day of school so things are starting out with a bang!

Zeke is our little kindergartener.  He was very excited to start school.  The first day couldn't come fast enough.  He has two kids in his class that he knows from church and is able to name other friends that he has met.  By this morning though he was asking if he could skip school today because he was tired!  The first few weeks are long for these little kids with all day every day kindergarten.

Olivia will do preschool this year.  She starts next week.  The last few days have been long for her.  Even though we have stayed busy, she gets antsy waiting for the older kids to come home.  She is very excited for school too.  We'll see what happens the first day.  She gets kind of shy sometimes :)

Michael is working this week so he has missed all the festivities but he will be off next week and I'm sure everyone will fill him in.  I have not slowed down a bit like I thought I would.  The first few weeks of school bring extra meetings and other things.  I have been getting things ready for Dillon's birthday and making sure that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there.  Makenna and Olivia start dance this week.  Maddi, Zane and Dillon are doing a punt, pass and kick competition Friday and then we are going to the high school football game that night.  There are already a few sheets of homework trickling in with more to come I'm sure.  We are still working on getting our house bought.  That, too, should be completed in the next week or so.  I have started cleaning again for my parents on Fridays.  So things are still busy even though the house is mostly empty all day.  We are trying to still have a little fun amidst the busy schedules and school work.


Spencer and Kimberly said...

Cute pictures!

Jeni G said...

i just discovered your blog on FB!! I really love your back to school buses! I've got a real awesome pic of you and me and and a few other people from my 5th grade bday party. Ill have to upload it's hillarious!

Emma said...

I'd love to that! 5th grade was a long time ago!