Friday, May 27, 2011

Hershey Track Meet

Last night Makenna competed in the Hershey Track meet here in Green River. She placed 1st in the 400 for her age group which won her a ticket to the State meet next month. She placed 3rd in the 200. She will also get to run that at the state meet. She placed 6th in the standing long jump. We are so proud of her! She worked so hard and did such a great job! She is, of course, super excited! I'll post pictures later of her and her ribbons! Just wanted to spread the news!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Friday has finally come.  It has been a long week.  It has rained most of the week.  Michael has been working.  I have been dealing with the death of my grandma, taking kids to ball games, church activities and anywhere else they need to go.  I too have been doing some church activities, exercising, cleaning and whatever else needs to be done.  Maddi has a game tonight.  It will be a late game.  They don't start until 7:30.  Michael won't be coming home tonight.  He has to stay up in Pinedale for the night.  Makes the days a little longer when he is gone.  I am glad this week is over.  I am exhausted.  I look forward to not waking up to the alarm in the morning.  We will get to celebrate Olivia's 4th birthday this weekend.  She is so excited for it.  Michael will be gone and so will my parents, but we will still have cake and ice cream and celebrate here at home.  Hope you all have a marvelous weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Granny

Yesterday a piece of my heart broke away as my granny passed from this life.  She was one of  my most favorite people in the whole world.  So many memories are attached to her.  So much joy came because of her.  She held a special place in my heart that no one else could ever fill.  Over the last few years her dementia had worsened and she became just a shell of who she used to be but when she looked at me her eyes were still the same and when she talked to me she was still my granny.  Her hugs and winks still embraced my soul, even if she wasn't always sure who she was hugging.  I knew who she was.  She and my grandpa were married for 70 years (I think) before he passed away a few years ago.  During those years they were never separated.  They went through life side by side.  When she started getting dementia, he was there to take care of her even though he was suffering from cancer.  As long as he was in her sight, she knew she was okay.  If he got out of her sight she got worried and upset.  She never forgot who he was.  I wrote this about them a few years back:

Her hair is now gray, her face wrinkled with time.
Her balance has lessened, but her smile is still strong.
A once strong, vibrant person has faded with age
Once full of stories, experiences and memories,
Now only knows the one who sits with her.
Day after day he helps her go through
The daily routines that she needs to do.
He stays by her side so she won’t feel lost
Though feeble himself, he stays strong for her.
With each passing day, her memories fade
Her children, once cherished, now fade with her mind
Who comes and who goes she cannot say
But with him by her side she gets through the day.
Their love has grown strong over many years together
So together they climb through one last struggle.
One fully aware of all that goes on
The other only aware of when he is gone.
This act of true love is a legacy for all
For to love through the hard times and not just the good
Is simple and beautiful and completely pure.

Grandpa lived long enough to make sure that Granny had a nice home to live in where she would be taken care of.  Once he knew she would be fine, he quit fighting the cancer and left this world.  She followed two years later.  Now they are together once again in full health and mind.  What a joyous thought!

Granny was the last of my grandparents living.  With her passing, I feel like I have lost a part of my life and history.  I feel an empty ache for days long ago.  Sitting next to her on the couch, the smell of her house when we went to visit, the sound of her southern voice and the winks she always gave to let you know you were special.  It had slowly been disappearing over the years as her illness took over more of her mind and that was hard to watch but I still loved being in her presence.  I wrote this after I saw her for the last time two summers ago:

"Hey, I know you!  How are you, child?"  She'd say with a smile and a wink.
Then only like a grandma can she'd hug me tight and kiss my cheek.
Those words were music to my ears.  They filled my heart with gladness.
But years passed by and took their toll, her memory clouded by illness.
"I don't know who all y'all are, but I know that you belong!"  She'd say with a smile and a wink.
Then only like a grandma can, she'd hug me tight and kiss my cheek.
Those words would bring a smile to my face, but filled my heart with sadness.
More years passed by and her memory continued to fade like a sunset to darkness.
"Now who are you?  I think you're neat,"  she's say with a smile and a wink.
Then only like my grandma can, she'd hug me tight and kiss my cheek.
And I'd smile back and kiss her too with sadness still filling my heart,
But looking forward to the time when illness no longer can keep us apart.

Now I know that she once again knows who I am.  She is up there with my grandpa looking down on me here.  I can still see her smile and hear her voice as she tells me that all is okay.  I look forward to the time when I can once again be reunited with her and all those others who have left this life holding a piece of my heart.  I love you, Granny!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I just realized how long it had been since I last posted anything.  Things have gotten crazy busy here and I just haven't had time to sit and think about anything.  At all :)  So today I have a few spare minutes.  I downloaded pictures and now I will catch you up on what we have been doing.

We've been playing baseball.
making dioramas
playing baseball
going on field trips
playing baseball
making brownies
playing baseball
experiencing a slow painful death (otherwise known as exercise)
more baseball, more field trips, walks on the green belt, trips to the park, preschool, school, "running" 5ks (me and all six kids), scouts, church, birthday parties, play dates, and who knows what else!  There are some days where we leave in the morning and don't get home until bedtime.  Michael is back on shift so the schedule is even crazier.  The weather has been good some days and really yucky others.  The kids have been enjoying baseball.  Maddi's team is doing pretty good so far.  We travelled to Kemmerer this weekend for a game.  The Green River Yankees played the Kemmerer Yankees and we beat them.  Maddi got her first hit of the season so it was a good day.  Zane has really caught on to the game.  He can hit, run, throw and catch.  I have been amazed at him!  Didn't know he had it in him :)  Dillon can knock the cover off the ball when he wants to and Zeke is still in it for the snacks at the end!  Olivia and Zeke have been enjoying preschool at the high school.  They have two more weeks before that is over with.  Makenna is getting ready for her Hershey Track meet later this month.  She will be running the 400 and 200 and doing the standing long jump.  She is excited for that.  She also finished her African Elephant report and diorama and scored the highest possible on that.  Maddi and Makenna also had the GATE presentation night where they told the parents all about what they had been learning through out the year.  They both did a great job.  Field trips are in full swing now.  We have been to Cody, Salt Lake City and Jackson Hole.  There are still about 8 more to go before the year is over.  I have started cleaning my parents house for them once a week.  I also follow the kids to all their functions.  The 5k season seems to be upon us so we have started doing that too.  Yesterday was our first one.  The four older kids and I walked/jogged the whole way.  Zeke and Olivia took turns riding in the stroller, walking and getting piggy back rides from me.  At one point I was pushing Zeke in the stroller (uphill against the wind) and carrying Olivia on my back.  I think we went over a half mile that way before my arms gave out and I had to put her down.  Later I had Zeke on my back and Olivia in the stroller.  Luckily it was with the wind and downhill and Maddi came and took the stroller!  I walked another half mile with Zeke on my back.  While carrying them, it made my desire to exercise and lose weight increase.  I have lost (since Olivia was born) as much as she weighs now, over 40 pounds.  Carrying her made me realize how hard that can be on my body!  I went home and did my p90x workout that afternoon!  Anyways, we all finished the race well in the middle of the pack and even walked away with all kinds of prizes!  We have another one in 4 weeks.

So, that is where we have been lately and that is where we will be for another month!  So if I seem to disappear again I will either be at a baseball game, hanging from a pull up bar, pushing a stroller down the green belt or driving some one somewhere that they should've been 10 minutes ago!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Weekend

Michael had to work this year on Easter so we celebrated with him a week early.  The kids had a long weekend for Easter so we loaded up and headed to Idaho.  The kids were excited to get to spend Easter with Grandma Joyce, Grandpa Jim, Aunt Kelli and Grandma Great.  The weather was okay so we were able to spend some time outdoors on Saturday.  I got to go to town all by myself and do some shopping (thanks Joyce and Kelli).  Kelli took two of the boys to a basketball game and Joyce took the rest of the kids to go do other things.  We all met up at one of the schools that afternoon.  The kids played on the playground and Kelli played ball with them too.  They had a great time.  Later, Jim took the kids out and shot Zane's new BB gun.  Zane had one BB bounce back and hit him in the tummy.  He thought it was pretty funny!  The highlight was Joyce getting her BB and little closer to the middle of the bullseye than Jim :)  Of course, Jim says otherwise!  Sunday was church and then Easter lunch with the whole family followed by an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  My kids had one of their cousins there to hunt and play with them.  Monday started off beautiful but we had to cut our visit short and head home because of threatening storms.  We visited my dear friend Karla, went to Grandma's and then met Joyce for lunch before heading out.  The kids were sad to leave early but we'll be back in a few weeks for Zane's baptism.  It was a very nice weekend and I am so glad, once again, to be back closer to family so that things like this can happen.  I didn't have my camera with me for everything but here are a few pictures from the weekend.
The Easter Bunny even found the kids again Easter morning.

Olivia with her first egg - pink of course

Serious egg hunters

All the kids together

Jim, Zane and Olivia shooting