Friday, April 29, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

That's me!  This year Michael has totally spoiled me.  Not only did I get a dozen roses for our anniversary but I also got an ipad!  Yes, that's right!  I have been coveting one for a long time now knowing that I would never own one.  I have even tried on multiple occasions to win one but with no luck.  Then, all of a sudden, Michael told me that he was going to get me one for our anniversary.  I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.  I ordered it today.  It will get here next week.  I don't know if I can wait that long, although I don't think I have a choice :)  I actually felt really guilty purchasing it.  I have never spent that much money on just me - especially when it was something that wasn't a necessity.  I am still drumming my fingers wondering if I should have done that even though Michael said to.  I asked him (over and over) if he was sure it was all right.  He said yes, but the guilt is still there.  Of course I feel guilty whenever I spend money on myself.  You should hear the conversations that go on in my head when I am debating a purchase for me.  Anyways, back to the spoiling... :)  I even get a cool red case for it.  It will fit nicely in my Miche Bag purse that Joyce gave me (love them too).  I have never felt this spoiled in all my life.  Money (or lack of it) has always been such a huge issue.  It still is, but some of the pressure is off now and we are able to enjoy things a little more than before and that feels good.  I grew up without money.  I have begun to raise six kids without money.  Finally there is a little extra and we can do things like go to McDonalds or take a trip to Grandma's and not have to worry so much about how we will afford it.  I have never felt that before and it is a wonderful feeling.  It makes me that much more grateful for Michael.  He has given up things that he loves in order to do things that are needed to support our family.  He works long hours and misses out on lots of family time - something that he wishes he didn't have to do.  Yet, each day he is up and going again so that we can have what we need and enjoy some of what we want.  It's not the fact that he gave me an ipad that makes me feel so spoiled (although it adds to the feeling :) it's the fact that he is willing to give so much to make these things possible.  What a wonderful man I am married to!  Now you may be thinking, what did this wonderful man get for our anniversary?  The answer - tires.

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