Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sometimes It's Important

Sometimes things that don't normally seem like an important thing to do become very important.  We get so busy and so socially acceptable that we forget little things that can be important and uplifting.  We think, "that won't look proper" or "what would someone say if they knew" or "that would be too self centered".  Maybe, maybe not.  I think there are somethings that are okay to do every now and then.  It won't make us less of a person.  It won't ruin our social status and it won't turn us into a selfish, self centered snob.  In fact, it could make us more of a person.  Here's my list of 20 things that, while are not an every day occurrence, bring me joy and have great importance in my life.

Sometimes it's important to:
1.  Wear high heels with your jeans when you drop your kids off at dance or baseball.
2.  Eat chocolate straight out of the bag.
3.  Look at yourself in the mirror and know that you look good.
4.  Curl up on the couch and read a book when your laundry is stacked to the ceiling and all the dishes in the kitchen are dirty.
5.  Cry during a Disney movie.
6.  Snuggle in bed with your little angels until 10 am.
7.  Eat cereal in bed.
8.  Dress up to go to the grocery store.
9.  Go to the park and swing like you did when you were a kid.
10. Eat cookie dough dipped in chocolate and LOVE it!
11. Have a Toy Story marathon and sleep in the living room.
12. Go shopping by yourself and for your self.
13. Paint your toenails bright green.
14. Have ice cream for breakfast.
15. Talk on the phone with your best friend like you did in high school.
16. Tell secrets and pinky swear to keep them.
17. Have a chore-free day for the whole family.
18. Jump on the bed.
19. Let a three year old put lip gloss on you and her and then go to town together :)
20. Wear your pajamas all day long.

Now be honest, don't you think SOMETIMES these things are important?

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