Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Off to Jackson Hole

The day has finally come!  Maddi has been waiting for months for it to arrive.  This morning at 6:15 I loaded her up in Grandpa's car and away she went to meet the bus.  The GATE (Gifted and Talented) group is going to Jackson Hole for 4 days.  Grades 4 - 7 are going (I think).  They will stay in lodges and sleep in their sleeping bags.  We had a tough time trying to fit everything into one little suitcase.  They had to have all sorts of layering clothes and snow clothes.  We finally put all the bulky stuff (snow pants, rain gear) in to her backpack and told her to use that as a pillow!  It sounds like they will have a lot of fun.  It is supposed to be cold and snowy the whole time but I don't think that will bother Maddi.  They will be outdoors a lot of the time.  They may even get to go snow shoeing and stuff like that.  She is sooo excited!  I am excited for her, but a little nervous.  I have never sent one of mine away like this before.  If they have gone overnight anywhere it is to a friend's or grandparents' house.  I won't be able to talk to her at all over the next four days.  She will be fine.  My biggest concern is that she will lose her lunch money for the trip home Saturday and her gift shop money from my parents!  Here's a picture of Maddi all packed and ready to go this morning.

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