Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Makings of a Princess and Zeke

The other morning Olivia insisted on having her hair curled so she could be a princess.  She also wanted pictures taken of every step of the process and of every angle of her head.  Here's how our morning went...

This is obviously with the hot curlers in.  We only had one incident when Zeke decided to touch the little metal piece that heats the curlers.  A few tears, some cold water and we were all better.  The Princess ate breakfast while her curlers cooled.

This is just after taking the curlers out.  She thought it was cool that her hair looked like it had snakes in it.  Notice in the front view she had put "lips" on just for the picture!

Admiring herself in the mirror

 more lips for the front pose
the back (as you can see the curlers really didn't do that much)

Cheese!  I'm a pretty princess!

Zeke felt left out during all the pictures and hair fixing so he decided to get in on the fun.  He had his hair spiked and then posed for the camera.  He also wanted to make sure I got a close up of the cut on his head.
 Not sure what these two faces are all about but that's all he would give me!

 Side view (he wanted all angles too)
Pretty serious ouchies huh?