Monday, April 4, 2011

Maddi Made it to the Majors!

Being the insane mom that I am, I signed up four of my kids to play baseball this spring.  Zeke and Dillon will be on the same league and hopefully the same team.  They will play two games a week on one field.  Zane is in a different league on a different field.  He will also play two games a week.  Maddi is in yet another league on another field also playing two games a week.  Games are played Monday through Thursday.  Michael is gone two out of three weeks.  I have a feeling, there will be times when I will be a little frazzled trying to get four different kids to three different fields on the same night!  The kids are excited for it though so I guess I will have to make it work.  The most excited of the kids is Maddi.  In her league, once you hit 10 years old, you have to try out.  There are two leagues, majors and minors.  The coaches come to try outs and score you according to your performance and then they do a draft.  Those good enough to go to the  majors are drafted onto a team.  Those not, stay in the minors.  Maddi has never played baseball.  She played softball two years ago.  It's basically the same, but there are some differences.  The kids here all play minors when they are 9.  Baseball starts at age 5.  I wasn't sure how Maddi would do.  She is a great little athlete, but she hasn't had the exposure like some of these kids.  My brother Jon went with us to try outs.  Maddi did awesome.  He was really impressed with her ability.  I told him she was lucky because she didn't inherit my athletic disability!  She ran the fastest in her group, caught the best, swung the best and threw the farthest and straightest.  You would have never known she hadn't played in two years.  Yesterday her new coach called and said that Maddi had made the draft to the majors!  Her coach was very excited to  have Maddi on her team.  She said she grew up playing baseball and softball so she loves to see girls out there doing it.  Maddi was so excited!  She is one of two girls (according to the coach) that made the draft.  The majors is a more competitive league and the age range is 10 -12.  I am really proud of her, so is the rest of the family.  Practices start next week and games start in May.  If anyone is interested in an autographed picture, we will be distributing those soon :)