Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trip to Idaho

This last weekend we decided to go to Idaho since Michael had the weekend off.  Maddi stayed here with my mom and dad.  She went to school with my mom on Friday, which she loved.  Friday night she and my dad watched John Wayne movies.  Those are a favorite around here.  There was supposed to be a track meet on Saturday (the reason she wanted to stay) but it got cancelled so she just hung out with them for the rest of the weekend and had a great time soaking in all the one on one time!  The rest of us had a great time with family.  We visited Michael's grandma Friday afternoon before heading out to his parents house.  Saturday the boys and Olivia went with Michael to an auction.  Michael's dad works for one of the auction companies in the area.  Later Makenna, Michael's mom and sister, and I went there too.  We ate auction burgers (always good) and then took Olivia with us and went to town to do some shopping.  It was a nice afternoon.  I have a new favorite store but unfortunately it is not easy access for me!  Michael will appreciate that though.  We spent Saturday evening at home.  The kids all piled on Kelli's king sized bed and ate M&Ms while they watched TV.  Sunday we went to church and got to see a lot of old friends.  I love going back there.  Even though we haven't been there for 5 years now, it still feels like home.  The kids had so much fun running around the farm, enjoying the freedom that they have lost since living here.  The boys went out one evening to help Michael's dad with the chores.  Zane got to drive the feed truck.  He was in heaven!  It's all he has talked about since then.  We do miss the out of town life style.  I love being able to live in town close to school, church, and shopping, but I have decided that it does not out weigh the space of country living.  Anyways, it was a lot of fun.  The kids had a great time and so did Michael and I.  We are looking forward to going back at Easter.  Maybe next time I will remember my camera so I can take pictures!

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