Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Picture Catch Up!

I finally got my pictures downloaded to  my computer so now I can play catch up and let you all see what we've been doing for the last couple of months!

These are pictures of the kids the Sunday after Christmas all dressed up and shiny clean :)

Zeke celebrated his 5th birthday after we moved to Wyoming.  As you can see he was very excited about it!  We are so thankful for him and his funny personality.  He always keeps us laughing!  He is also so kind and gentle and he still loves to cuddle which makes me very happy :)

The girls started taking ballet classes from the community college here.  The person in charge is the one who is also in charge of doing the Nutcracker every year so the girls are hoping to get to participate in that next winter.

We managed to make some sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.  The kids enjoyed decorating - and eating them!

Naptime with Daddy.  Michael is gone a lot now with work and Zeke and Olivia love it when they get to spend time with him on his days off - even if it is just laying with him on the couch.

Dillon lost his first tooth and was very excited for a visit from the Tooth Fairy!  Big stuff for a little kid!

Today is crazy sock day at school.  The kids really went all out!  Even Zeke and Olivia are participating from home!  They were quite the sight heading off to school this morning.  Michael told them it would be really funny if it really weren't crazy sock day today and they were the only crazy ones in the school.  That thought didn't seem to bother them.  I think they were as excited about getting to wear shorts with their socks as they were about getting to wear the socks!

So that is our picture catch up.  There are tons more, but I didn't think it necessary to post them all.  Now you know the basics of what life has been like in the Christiansen house since leaving South Dakota.

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